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As the Fall 2016 fashion season fast approaches, industry professionals are coming straight to the Wild Wild West. Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney are showing their Fall collections in Los Angeles and Louis Vuitton showed their resort collection in Palm Springs in 2015.

Knowing that NYFW is broken (see article) it is important for young designers to start talking about what the future of fashion week looks like. This is a topic we at House of Borel have taken very seriously. Having launched our brand at NYFW, last year it makes us consider what will be the best platform for marketing our brand to the industry. Marketing is a huge part of every business, but when your stage is crowded, expensive and filled with wannabes, what make investing 50, 100 or 500 thousand dollars worth it? Being a young designer in a sea of corporate teams is daunting. You are constantly looking for partners, doing pop-up events and trying to collaborate with anyone to make it in this crazy business. Investing in events like fashion week seems necessary and smart in order to help build awareness for your brand. But will it be this way after this next season?

What this shift may do is bring back a focus on just being designers. People who show things in venues to our customers and buyers and stop pretending that we are the type of artists who can perform, build sets and hire actors to sit front row. Beauty is born out of struggle and over the last year watching the creative forces of the fashion world re-group and look for new frontiers is reassuring that that something beautiful will come from this mess.

The West Coast has always fostered an energy of looking to the future.

Whether it was the gold rush over a hundred years ago or the birth of Hollywood we have seen people look west for change. Will fashion be able to get the same life from the wild, wild west? Or will the fact that we have always been originals, dedicated to development on the edge of discovery reject fashion week’s need for a rebirth. Only time will tell.

January 22, 2016|