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Melissa San Vicente is one of the coolest girls we know. She is a tech savvy hard worker with an inspiring beauty blog and an Instagram to die for. Meet Mel San V, Blogger / UI Designer and one of our muses in this House of Borel interview.


Melissa San Vicente wears the GGB photographed by Ryan Kobane

One word to describe your style.

How would you define your personal style?

I would say my style is neither feminine nor masculine, but rather a cohesive version of both. I feel that when you put a label on your style, you’re forever bound to that specific look and I’ve always been one to experiment with different eras, with high and low end labels, and re-purposing pieces in my wardrobe to serve different purposes (yeah, I may have sewn together highlighter yellow shoelaces and sported them as a belt once upon a high school time – and I owned it, too!)

What sets you apart from the crowd?

I would say my confidence really allows me to shine. I wasn’t exactly the most fashionable kid growing up (a true tom boy and living with three boys will do that to ya!) so when I did have an outfit picked out for school, I realized it was mostly me just telling everyone it was “cool” and I instantly became that. In a crowd of people all wearing trash bags, I am the one smiling with her hand on her hip working the camera.

Do you think your style changes how people perceive you?

A woman’s bag carries everything so near and dear to her every single day (to work, to the store, sitting under your desk at school) so it’s crazy important to find a bag that withstands the test of time. Meaning, if you’re kicking your bag to the curb after one season because the color is out of style, you’re just in the wrong business. If I can think of 10 outfits instantly before buying the bag – I’m buying it. I’m also a sucker for bags that have creative elements to them without being over the top. Backpack transforms to a purse, you say? Tell me more.

Melissa San Vicente wears the GGB photographed by Ryan Kobane

What do you look for in your accessories?
I’m always looking for that different element. I love having pieces in my everyday wardrobe that tend to be minimal and accessories that transform simple work shift dresses to cover-ready ensembles.

3 words you think a friend would use to describe you.


What is your title?

I’ve often struggled with this question because it takes me right back to the whole “define your style” question. Does a title limit you? Because you’re a UI Designer does that mean you can also not be a beauty guru? I’ve decided to answer this question with the one thing that will always remain true: I am a Creative. I just smiled typing that.

What makes a great wardrobe?

A great wardrobe consists of pieces that make you feel beautiful and forever in the moment. Whether you’re running a marathon or walking the runway, your wardrobe should be like the girlfriend who always has your back and never sends you to voicemail. Personally, my wardrobe gets along in every sense of the word. I mix high with low and new with old – and we’re all just one be happy family.

What inspires you?

I’m so inspired by hustle. People who have the motivation and a story behind their determination really fuel me up. I also love to hear how people stumble upon their callings or come up with ideas because it makes me feel like my best ideas are yet to come and only a shower away.

Melissa San Vicente wears the Hyde photographed by Ryan Kobane

Do you have a muse?

My guilty pleasure is Olivia Palermo. I’ve been following her since her “reality” television days and to see her absolutely rise above and become this fashion icon and businesswoman is inspiring. She is the queen of mixing and matching. I’m kinda obsessed.

Do you have a mentor?

God. Cheesy? So what. I have yet to really meet someone who is that “light at the end of the tunnel” for me. I really adore and rely so much on my love, my friends and creatives who stand behind me and are by my side through everything that I do. I can count on my network to inspire me, keep me grounded and know exactly when to tell me to “step the hell away from the dress!”

Are you born creative or is it developed?

I have friends who say they weren’t born with a creative bone in their body and yet get accepted into medical school. If saving a life doesn’t take some kind of creativity then I don’t know what does. I think we’re all born with it and develop our versions of creativity along the way. How’s that for a creative way to answer the question with both answers?

Are you living the dream?

Every. Single. Day.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Dress for the job you want not for the job you have.” – My mama

Melissa San Vicente wears the GGB photographed by Ryan Kobane

What keeps you motivated?

I became afraid of my first big-girl job after college when I became content with what I was doing and knowing I’d reached my “dream title” so early in my career. This really led me into a downward spiral of the unknown and feeling like, “is this it?” So I quickly learned that what will forever keep me motivated is to NOT know. To have the slightest bit of fear and a huge amount of hope and trust in myself to always get me to a place that makes me feel happy but never content. You have to be uncomfortable. It’s part of the process and necessary. Just knowing that being content is always around the corner and reminding myself to run toward the fire is motivation enough.

Check out Mel’s blog here:

Instagram: @msanv

Header Image by Afonso Salcedo

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